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ATS Automation Services, LLC

ATS Automation Services ATS Automation Services, LLC (ATS) provides GDS hosting for Apollo and Worldspan offering booking platforms for fully accredited ARC agencies (Air/Hotel/Car) and Independent Contractors (Hotel/Air).

Advantages of GDS Association through ATS Automation Services
  • Full GDS Functionality (ARC Agencies) or Hotel/Car
    program only (IC's)
  • No Shortfall Liability
  • No Segment Requirement
  • Segment Revenue Paid Monthly, from Segment One
  • Short Term Agreement Allows Greater Flexibility.
  • Revenue Potential Higher than Traditional Renewal/Conversion Proposals
  • No 'Membership' Fees
  • Little to no 'Rack Rate' Configuration Costs
  • Timely monthly segment payments
  • Contact ATS early to Affiliate or Convert your Agency to our Contract (if your current contract is near its expiration date).
  • Complete Confidentiality of Your Agency's and Client's Information. Your agency maintains complete autonomy. Keep your PNRs and preferred vendors intact. No changes to your business flow and no downtime in record access or service levels.
Through a combination of automation, personal technological support and branch services, ATS is a leader in providing GDS automation solutions to the travel industry.

If you are not currently using Apollo or Worldspan GDS, ATS is able to offer easy and cost effective conversion solutions to current Sabre or Amedeus GDS clients. Let us guide you and your agents through the conversion process.
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